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Blogger Interviews Project

Later this month I’m planning a week long series of posts with interviews from various personal finance bloggers in Canada. So far the project is going along great, but I’m now one slot short of my original plan and I’m not sure who I should ask to fill in that slot.

So dear readers, here is your chance: which personal finance blogger would you like to see interviewed? Please leave a comment with your requests and I will try my best to get the blogger with the most votes.

Suggested Blog Reading – Part I

The great thing about blogs is there is just so many of them with interesting points of view. Here are a few that I read regularly.

Canadian Capitalist – A fellow engineer in Ottawa that posts every weekday for over two years now! A wide range of topics are covered including spending, saving and current events. A must read during my lunch hour if nothing else for all the interesting debates that tend to come up in the comments to some of his posts.

Canadian Financial Stuff – A quirky blog by another guy in Ottawa. It often features interesting rants and different ideas on the world of personal finances.

Canadian Money Blog Reviewer – A newer blog that seems to off to a promising start. Offering a wide coverage of topics and a very open door policy on topics/help for readers.

The Dividend Guy Blog – If you own any stock with a dividend in Canada you have to read this blog. The author is from Alberta and has some solid advice on dividend paying stocks.

Million Dollar Journey – A blog about a 27 year old trying to get his net worth to $1 million by the time he is 35. So far so good, this blogger is very active in the personal finance blog sphere and you will often see his comments on other blogs such as mine.

Well that’s just a small sample of a few the blogs I read. I’ll post more later.