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Monday, May 1, 2017


Primary Author: Tim Stobbs (aka: Canadian Dream)

Tim is an engineer his thirties with two kids who decided working to 65 sounds like a bad idea. So at first he thought freedom 55 could be good, but he changed his mind. He is now trying for a retirement date of his 45th 40th birthday.

By the way, he plans to switch to doing some writing as a hobby which might produce some income during his early retirement period.

Tim also knows he does not need a lot of money to be happy. In fact most of the stuff he loves in life he can get for free from the library. So that is helping out a lot as he tries cutting back to find the perfect balance point between spending money and being happy.

If you want a bit more information on his background you should read this post.  Tim lives in Regina, SK.


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