Geek Toy Update

A while back I mentioned I picked up an Ipod Touch and was hoping to use it to help organize myself .  I thought a fellow up post on how that is going would be in order.  So far I have to admit that the Touch has been very useful, even in a few ways that I wasn’t expecting.

First off I managed to sync all three of my email addresses to the Touch so it’s massively improved my responsiveness with email (at least for short replies – I still use a keyboard for longer emails).   Then the ability to type notes as I go and avoid little pieces of paper has also been huge help on me recording blog post ideas or reminders of things I need to do.  I’m also using the calender a lot for reminders which has helped me to avoid forgetting a few events.  Perhaps my only real disappointment with it was finding I can’t sync my work calender with my Touch.   Even with that the Touch did what I was hoping for in helping me organize.

What I didn’t expect was how much I use it to find something on the web.  I will now often use it for short check of hours at a store, traffic updates, or a location on a map.  So it’s saved me turning on my computer a lot more than I would have ever guessed.

Yet where life got really interesting was when I started finding all the apps I could use on the Touch.  If you follow me on Twitter you could almost tell when I found the Twitter App since my posts frequency picked up at once.  Facebook was very handy for keeping up with family and friends.  While WordPress app let me manage comments on this blog from just about anywhere.

Perhaps my favorite app to date has been textPlus which allows me to text to my wife’s cell phone for free.  This has been great for last minute shopping reminders or checking up when one of use will be getting home.  My second favorite app has to be MobileRSS which syncs my Google reading account to my ipod.  So when I have five minute breaks between events I can read a blog post or two.  This is the reason why I’ve been managing to post link posts every second Friday now.

That is just a small sample of what I’ve been using it for.  The reality is I’m still happy with my purchase as it managed to do more than I was expecting with it.  I still haven’t bought a single app for it yet.  Perhaps it’s my frugal habits or I haven’t found one that I thought would be worth buying.

So how did your last tech purchase turn out?  Was it what you hoped for or not?

5 thoughts on “Geek Toy Update”

  1. I bought an iPod Touch (2nd gen) last summer and couldn’t be happier! No contract! 🙂

    Pick up *Skype* for VoIP calls, *Mint* for tracking finances automatically, *Evernote* (just get this! it will save you TONS of time, especially on pc!) and *Stanza* free eBook reader.

    If your willing to pay a bit: Angrybirds, Fieldrunners, Kindle for iPod (for books still in copyright).

    Apple’s new product lineup is fantastic, they are going to kill it! (again)

  2. I have an iPhone and love it. Twitter and facebook are used most often.

    Two great apps I’ve downloaded are 2Do Lite (free version of a to-do list and iFitness. iFitness cost $1.99, but it motivated me to go to the gym 3 times a week, so I think it was well worth it.

    Syncing Google calendars with my wife also makes sure we are aware of each others schedule and appointments.

  3. I also sync Google calendars, even though I’m trying to wean myself away from Google. I found it was the only way to make the calendar app really useful.

  4. @Miltiadis

    I’ve got the Skype app, but I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve also got Evernote, but I haven’t got used to using it yet. Thanks for the ideas.

    @Tiny Potato

    Great! I was looking for a ‘To Do’ app! I’ll have to try.


    Google isn’t evil, it’s just everywhere. I agree to really use the Calender you have to use it.


  5. I love my ipod touch. It’s a first generation, but still keeps me going.

    the app that I love is the Bloomberg app- you can put in all your stocks in your portfolio and watch them and how much + or – you are (if you want to know that sort of thing)

    I’m lusting for the ipod4 now- am ready to take the plunge to be hyperconnected 24-7.

    Hard to find it in stores though these days.

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