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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Well let’s face it we all need help once in a while. Here is a list of some useful links to help you to retire early too.


Your one stop for reading just about everything there is to know about Canadian Taxes is

Government of Canada

Books to Read

Well there is so many useful ones out there. For all the ones I have reviewed see Book Reviews.  I suggest starting with Your Money Or Your Life.


There are various ones out there, some are better than others depending on what you are trying to simulate. Some of the ones I’ve like (beyond the government one above) are:


Let’s face it if you can pay off your mortgage sooner you can typically retire early. So with that in mind I like using this calculator. Mainly because you can run three simulations side by side (Make sure to click on Term to make sure you are entering that parameter correctly).

More Help

Additionally if you want to search some of the best Canadian PF blogs out there use this search tool or see this page for more useful items.