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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In The News

The writers at Canadian Dream are always willing to be interviewed for media stories.  Below are a few links to stories that we have been involved with in the past.  If you need to contact a writer for an interview please email:[at] with the title of ‘Media Request.’

Tim Stobbs’ Interviews

Feb 27, 2012: The Evening News (Global Regina)

Feb 17, 2012: The National (CBC) – Also features Robert and ‘Gwen’

Jan 18, 2012: The Morning Edition (CBC Radio Regina)

Aug 9, 2011: The  Current (CBC Radio)

Feb 17, 2011: Moore in the Morning (Newstalk 1010 Radio)

Jan 20, 2011: The Morning Edition (CBC Radio Regina)

Dec 24, 2010: Interview on QR770 (Radio – Calgary)

Nov 23, 2010: Panel Discussion on CPP (CBC Radio – The Current)

Nov 16, 2010: Interview on Morning News (CKNW 980 Radio)

Nov 8, 2010: Stobbs Planning Early Retirement (Leader Post)

Sept 27, 2010: Getting Serious About Early Retirement (Canadian Business Online Blogs)

Sept 6, 2010: Turns Out You Can Buy Happiness (Globe and Mail)

July 14, 2010: What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Done to Save Money (

Dec 7, 2009: Five Financial Tips For Parents (Globe and Mail)

Nov 23, 2009: Ten Money Tips for People Entering the Workforce (Globe and Mail)

Feb 21, 2008: Blue is the New Green (National Post)

Aug 4, 2007: Engineer Let’s Indexes Do The Heavy Lifting (Globe and Mail)

Robert’s Interviews

Jan 28, 2011: Me and My Money (Globe and Mail)

Aug 16, 2010: Top 10 Retirement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Canadian Business Magazine)

Writer for Hire

Beyond helping out with other people’s stories, Tim Stobbs also does some freelance writing work.  Below are a list of guest posts and articles done for other publications.  If are interested in contacting Tim, email him at:[at]

Feb 20, 2012: Freedom 42 What do I do Next? (Toronto Star)

Oct , 2011: Freedom 45 one year later is Freedom 42 (Toronto Star)

Apr 8, 2011: Follow Up: Taking a 20% Paycut (Get Rich Slowly)

Feb 8, 2011: 4 Ways to Cut Taxes in Retirement (Toronto Star)

Jan 14, 2011: Freedom 45 Update: My Net Worth is Up $79,000 (Toronto Star)

Nov 18, 2010: How to Save Even More on Your Hydro Bill (Toronto Star)

Oct 25, 2010: Freedom 45: The Math Behind My Retirement Plan (Toronto Star)

Oct 22, 2010: Freedom 45: The Cost of Early Retirement (Toronto Star)

Oct 21, 2010: Freedom 45: What Will I do When I’m Retired (Toronto Star)

Oct 20, 2010: Freedom 45: What About the Kids (Toronto Star)

Oct 19, 2010: Freedom 45: Loving the Frugal Life (Toronto Star)

Oct 18, 2010: Freedom 45: How I plan to Retire in Just 13 Years (Toronto Star)

Sept 12, 2010: I Got a 20% Pay Cut – And Loved It (Get Rich Slowly)

Aug 17, 2009: Where to Put Your Dividend Paying Stocks (The Financial Blogger)