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Sunday, October 23, 2016

So Why Are PF Bloggers Broke?

Posted by Tim Stobbs on August 17, 2012

So I was reading the other day this question over at The Financial Blogger: why are so many personal finance bloggers broke?

It was a interesting question, but in reality I think it reflects the world at large.  A lot of people have low incomes, high debt loads and ya,  obviously are broke.  So I suspect there is a fairly good demand for reading stories about people that manage to over come that debt and move on with their lives.

I know I’m not normal.  I’m in my mid-thirties with over a half a million net worth and I made six figures last year, so I’m definitely not broke.  Yet I’m trying to get to a level of freedom in my life that I hope is somewhat inspiring, hence I keep writing on this blog.  In the end I suspect people read blogs because they like the stories that go with them.  Personal finance in fact is damn easy: spend less than you earn.  Save some, keep your investment costs down and avoid consumer debt.  Done, you now know just about everything you need to about personal finance.

Now that is fairly damn boring, so learning about people’s lives and their stories create meaning for others and allows some people to learn the emotional content that goes with those basic lessons.  Spending less than you earn sounds easy, but is it ok to spend more than you earn for more education, visiting a sick family member or buy one of your life’s dream experiences?

The black and white of the original statement falls away to the real world of grey.  There are no right answers, just the answer you give to the problem and the consequence of that choice. Our lives are in fact the sum of the consequences of our decisions.  I know some people don’t particularly like my lifestyle which is fine, I’m not asking them to live it.

So in the end, yes some PF bloggers are broke and it’s ok.  It’s also ok to have an excessive net worth for your age.  We read both for the stories they contain and hopeful find a reflection of ourselves within the stories of others and realize…no I’m not the only one that has ever gone through this issue.  We aren’t alone is a good story to hear.

Goodbye Moneysense

Posted by Tim Stobbs on June 28, 2012

So after years of it coming to my door I just got my renewal notice for my Moneysense magazine subscription and I cancelled it.  Pardon!?!

It occurred to me I had kept the subscription up because I thought I liked the magazine still.  Yet when I thought back to the last issue I realized I only skimmed the vast majority of the magazine.  This isn’t a slight against a the magazine as it did provide me with a lot of education over the years, but now I’ve realized I’ve out grown it.

I’m sure anyone who has read on a particular topic for a while is familiar with this problem.  You start reading a particular set of information sources until one day you realize you actually already know the majority of what is in the information source.  In a nut shell, you have ceased to learn anything more from that source.  I’m at that point with Moneysense magazine and actually several of the blogs that I used to enjoy reading.  In some regards I feel like I’m eating fish from these sources when in fact I know how to get my own fish now so it seem sort of pointless to continue reading.  Except perhaps for the ones I just find entertaining regardless.

But Tim, don’t you produce some ‘fish content‘ as well? Hell yes I do.  Why?  I understand not every comes to this blog at the same reading level, some of you need some of the basics which does result in ‘fish content‘.  I don’t mind doing this some of the time as long as I don’t feel like I’m repeating myself endlessly.  I also still try out new things and share those experiences with you.

So goodbye Moneysenese, I’ve enjoyed you over the years but it is time to move on.  So what have you stopped reading as you have moved along your path to financial independence? What did you start reading?

Another One Down

Posted by Tim Stobbs on May 9, 2012

So with much sadness I will report the loss of another PF blogger.  Thicken My Wallet has put up his final post after being at this for five years (actually this happened at the end of April, but I’m behind on my reading). You will be missed. Bloody hell, I’m starting to feel old here as the over five year club for canadian personal finace bloggers is getting smaller. 

With all due respect I know the feelings that lead to people shutting things down and moving on.  It has occured to me several times over the last few years myself.  Life is busy and continues to change at a rapid base and some days I really don’t feel like writing a damn thing.  I’ve even entertained the idea of selling this blog once in while.  Yet somehow I find my passion again and keep going even during the low points.

To my readers: thank you for every comment, question, and feedback you provide.  You guys are the reason I keep coming back around.