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The Mask

Well today’s post will be fairly off our usual PF theme again.  Today I wanted to start an open debate on an idea I’ve had.  Do I really need to blog anonymously or is there a time to step away from the mask?  In the PF blog world we have both sides: some with masks and others without.

The reason this was in my head lately was I was interviewed a while back under my real name and the story was published.  Yet since I don’t use my name on this blog I didn’t even mention it until now.  I’ve been very careful to keep my two versions of me separate.  Despite my best efforts there have been leaks between the two.  For example, I know of at least half a dozen bloggers that know my first name and at least one that knows my full name.

In order to help me decide I’ve got a few pro and con items I would appreciate your help with.


  • More simple – Less confusion for me to keep straight which version of me someone has emailed.
  • Easier for business transactions – If someone wants to advertise on the site, it makes payment a little more straight forward.
  • In longer terms, if I write a book, I’ve already established my writing under my own name.


  • All my information will become a little less detailed to prevent ID theft
  • Exposing my name could result in friends and/or family being upset if they realize they were a part of a given post
  • Personal attacks become more personal.  Right now it helps to have another layer between me and an attack, without my other side it will become a bit more direct.

I’m not planning a decision right away, but I do appreciate other people’s thoughts and ideas on this one.

Blogroll Contest

As you might have noticed I’ve yet to update my blogroll yet since switching to WordPress.  Actually I have yet to update it from my last site for a while now.  I know there are lots of great PF blogs out there since my last update so here is the deal.  If you have a blog that have existed for at least one month and you have a minimum total of twenty posts I want you to leave a comment with your URL to nominate yourself for my blogroll (you can also do this for any PF blog you read).  Then this weekend I’ll review the enteries and update my list with those blogs I like.

Also for anyone who currently has me on your blogroll, can you please do me a small favour?  Check your website address on your link and make sure it hooks up to the new site (  I’ve tried to check most of your sites when I have time, but I know I’ve barely scratched the surface yet.

Thanks for your help,


Update Now in Progress

Welcome back. After much pain and errors I’m finally switched over to WordPress. That’s the good news. The bad news is I’m still transferring everything. So please let me know of any problems you find on the site as I’m still updating everything and playing around with all these new settings.

For all those WordPress guru’s out there, do you have any recommendations for plugins? I would love to hear about them.

Please note I’ve updated the Feedburner feed, so if your reader was setup using that feed you don’t have to change any settings.