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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ebb and Flow

Posted by Tim Stobbs on March 13, 2014

After writing about personal finance for the over seven years I’ve learned it is entirely natural to have periods of time where I’m not all that interested in writing about money.  Previously I would feel guilt over not writing, but now I accept the ebb and flow of my mind on the topic.

I also believe when my mind is fairly occupied with money tasks like taxes and thinking about a few other money issues in my life I tend to have less energy left to write here.

So what’s new in my money world, not too much at this moment to be honest.  I’m waiting for my raise for last year to be finalized, but I came to an interesting conclusion on that score.  I really don’t care much about the money from the raise.  I suppose what I care more about is how well did I do compared to my peers.

The actually money itself usually isn’t huge amounts so it is hard to get excited over a few hundred dollars more in a month.  I’m making so much more than our spending that I can’t really get that excited about that anymore.  After all it will all go to more savings anyway and at this point it hardly makes much of a different to my plan.

What I do care about is the implied worth of the raise compared to others.  I rarely get much feedback on how I’m doing compared to my peers so if I know the average raise and then I get a sense of my value compared to my peers.  It’s vaguely juvenile to care, but I still get some of my self worth from doing what I deem a good job so it is nice to have that validated in some way.

In other news I’ve been making good progress on both my next non-fiction book and a novel I’ve been working on.  The novel is a bit over a 100 pages so far while the non-fiction is just to the point of having enough material together for me to pull it together (I’m writing the first draft in Evernote) and get a page count going.  So a large part of my morning writing time has been consumed by those projects lately, which isn’t helping not writing here.

So overall, no I’m not dead, just busy with other things.  How are things in your money world going?  Any milestones to share or tricks you have learned?

Pushed Over A Cliff

Posted by Tim Stobbs on February 6, 2014

So while ago I came to the realization that I really didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder anymore.  I was happy enough in my current job that I didn’t need a change.  Apparently, I didn’t communicate that well enough to management since I was temporary promoted to a new job on Tues.

I was summoned to my bosses office and informed that one of the managers was retiring (so obviously I was thrilled for him), but since I didn’t work for him I’m confused what that had to do with me.  Then they explained someone else (a different manager) was being temporarily promoted to the retiring manager’s job.  Ok, still not getting why I’m here and then they explain I’ll be taking over the other manager’s job for the time being. Pardon?!?

You could have heard a pin drop after that statement.  I resisted the urge to look around the otherwise empty room and ask if there had been a mistake.  Instead I then explained I was touched they thought I could handle it, but clarify if they wanted me to do both job my current job and the new one.  No, they want me to reassign everything I’m working on in the next two weeks and fully take over for the other manager who by the way is leading second biggest environmental project in the company right now.  Okay, I was feeling a bit better as I was having a mini nightmare about trying to do both.

To say I was stunned was a mild understatement, but after a good night sleep I realized that I need to embrace this change.  I get to test drive a manager job for a few months to see if I like it.  The change isn’t permanent and I have the advantage of at least I’ve already been involved in the major project, just not leading it.

Don’t you love when fate gives you a push off a cliff?

Gone Fishing…Or On Vacation

Posted by Tim Stobbs on June 27, 2013

Tomorrow will mark the start of something I’ve never done before…I’m taking a month of vacation (yes, four whole weeks).  Excited somehow fails to fully explain how much I’m looking forward to my time away from work.  Also we are excited since we will be doing our trip to Newfoundland and back during this month. 

So doesn’t it mean this blog will have no updates for a month…of course not.  I’ve pre-written several posts and our usual guest posters will continue to write while I’m gone.  I’m just letting you all know so if Idon’t get back to you on an email or comment…don’t worry.  I’ll get back to you….at some point. ;)

Have a great summer,