Recharging Those Batteries

Occasionally I will end up reading a post by another blogger that total rings a bell with my own life.  I recently had that experience when I read a post by JD over at Get Rich Slowly called Downshifting: The First Day of the Rest of  My Life.  I can complete sympathize with being overloaded in life and the utter freedom of finally having some time again.  I can can really relate to the concept of being rich in time rather than just rich in money.  Over  the last month I finally feel like I’ve recharged my batteries for the first time in months.

So how did I recharge my batteries? Well that was easy while on a recent trip I made sure of one thing above all else.  I would do absolutely nothing related to work for one full week.  No day job work, no trustee job, no writing … absolutely nothing other than minor things like washing the car.  It was like heaven for the first few days but by the end I knew my batteries were starting to get charged as I was getting creative bursts where I was itching to start writing again.

Now that I’m back at the house I’ve been digging into my ‘fun’ work with a vengeance during this last week of my vacation.  I’m actually looking forward to writing again and managing to get some work done and some much needed planning on how to get to finish off several outstanding projects that I’ve been working on.  It’s sort of refreshing to be able to sit down at a computer with a smile on my face and look forward to writing something like this post.

I think also my family can tell I’m back so to speak.  I’m smiling more and much easier to be around and much less likely to get angry over silly things like spilling a drink at the table.  I’ve also just enjoying the simple things like having time to read a book strictly for entertainment rather than a book review or research.

This is exactly why I wanted to ‘retire early’ and now I’m getting it now rather than waiting 13 years or so for it to happen.  Time is not refundable and so I’ve taken to watching were mine is going a bit more carefully lately to ensure I’m enjoying life and still working towards my dreams as well.

So how are you charging up your batteries this summer?  Vacation away from home?  Resting around the house?