QuickTax Draw Winners

Ok, I know those of you that entered the draw are wondering why it took until Saturday for me to pick names…um…I forgot to do it on Thursday night.  Sorry.  Then I was out last night so hence a Saturday post.

The winners are: George (comment #1) and Erin (comment #19).  I will be contacting both of you to get your mailing addresses.

Have a great weekend everyone,


4 thoughts on “QuickTax Draw Winners”

  1. Am I the Erin? I can’t seem to get to the comments to check but there’s nothing in my email. My husband says it’s me…..if so, may I just say WOOHOOO and thanks very much!

  2. Erin,

    Yep, check your email spam folder. Those emails often get sucked into there.


  3. I just did my taxes and my parents taxes and I wasn’t impressed with the software this year. I’m still not sure if the home improvement tax credit worked properly. Also it would tell me to go check something in the warning section and then if I took it’s advice the refund would drop $700. When I was stepping through the screens to correct it, it dropped another $400. Very frustrating.

    My parents was a lot more complicated than most though, so maybe you won’t have the same issues. I was struggling with trying to figure out the business loss for myself, but it turns out I can’t claim it until next year, so that’s delayed at least.

    It kept asking questions that it should have known the answer to as well. I think I may try something new next year.

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