Net Worth – Oct 2009

BOO.  Well if that didn’t scare you I’m sorry my net worth won’t either.  Actually it’s looking alright.  See below.


House $322,000
RRSP $22,300
LIRA $9,900
TFSA $7,000
Pension $11,500
Wife’s RRSP $11,400
Wife’s Investment Account $11,500
Wife’s TFSA $6,200
My Investment Account $5,600
High Interest Savings Account $2,000

Mortgage $128,000

Therefore my net worth now stands at $281,400 for the end of Oct 2009. That is an increase of $8,000 or 2.9% from my last update.  Of that my investment net worth was $87,400 which was an increase of $5,600 or 7%.

On a year to date basis net worth is up 28.1%, while investment net worth is up 78%.  Wow, that’s a damn good number so far.  I likely won’t double my investment net worth for the year, but I will get within striking distance.

The mortgage continues to fall at a good pace.  During the next few months that will increase since I’ve decided to take all my money from my second job and put it on the mortgage.  In the longer run I’m thinking about after paying off the mortgage I’ll stop tracking my house value.  Instead I’ll shift over to just purely my investment net worth since at that point that will be more in line with my overall goal.

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9 thoughts on “Net Worth – Oct 2009”

  1. I’m constantly amazed by how similar our financial situations are (except I’m aiming to retire at around 50 or so). How many years to you have to go before you hit 45?

  2. Wow! Your TFSA is doing WAY better than mine. I have invested conservatively as I am using it for part of my emergeny fund until I am able to fund my e-fund outside my TFSA.

    May I ask what you are invested in, in your TFSA? (If its not an appropriate question, then just pretend I didn’t ask)

  3. George,

    I’m about 14 years short of my target date. How much time do you have till your target?


    Both TFSA’s are invested in income trusts. My wife and I just sold our taxable accounts holdings and bought them under the TFSA’s to reduce our tax bill. We just got lucky that the trusts did well after we made the switch.


  4. Boy, 45 would be a nice age to shut it down and relax a bit… not sure if its realistic for me or not. I’m 37 years old with a net worth approaching 800k. In the past few months I’ve become a bit obsessed with the whole “early retirement” concept, and sites like this one have given me the impetus to explore the possibilites. The very idea of retiring at an early age is incentive enough for my wife and I to live below our means, and save like mad… our basic strategy is to live on one income, and bank the other. So far so good….

  5. CD – I’m on pretty much the same trajectory as you – about 14 years until 45. Not sure if I’ll want to stop work quite that early, but I want to keep the option open (and have enough cash to do some travelling with the family while I’m young!)

  6. George,

    Well even if you don’t make full retirement at 45 you could also do a semi-retired option. Depending on how things go for the next decade or so I’m considering doing that myself. I would just stop doing my day job and keep some part time work to cover most of the bills for a few years.


  7. Do you have a target net worth ‘number’ you are aiming for? We are 39 and also aiming for ‘early financial independence.’
    (But I keep changing the target number, the closer we get!!)

  8. Idk,

    The rough amount is about $600 to 700K investments, with another $50K cash and a paid for house. Grand total close to a million.


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