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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Toys and Other Things I Don’t Need, But Like

Posted by Tim Stobbs on September 24, 2009

I’ll be completely honest for a moment here.  I know I don’t need lots of tools, electronics or kitchen gadgets that I own in my life.  I could very easily live without them, but I choose to keep them because I like them.   Not a great reason I know, but you always need some things in your life that really don’t make logical sense.  So here are my top five toys and things I like, but really don’t need.

  1. Deep Frier – I eat way more deep fried items because of this thing than I need to, but the problem is it tastes so good.  Try fresh homemade ginger beef and you will want to stop eating out for Chinese food.
  2. Bread Maker – This is purely a way to be lazy about making dough.  I rarely cook any bread in it. Yet I can make better sweet dough for cinnamon buns in the machine than I can by hand.
  3. Surround Sound – It’s a nice to have toy for watching movies, but strictly speaking not required at all.
  4. MP3 Player – I love to take this on plane trips or when I take the bus to work.  Small, compact and tonnes of musically choice regardless of what I’m in the mood for.  Yet I could also read a book, so I don’t have to have it.
  5. The Second Computer – This was purely an accident that I bought a laptop and decided to keep the old desktop as well.  Now it’s just handy to have one of them purely for my writing hobby.

I noticed something interesting about that list.  Most of the items on that were gifts from other people.  So perhaps that is why I get these items.  I just buy want I really need and let other people buy me the excess items.  So what do you have you like, but really don’t need?


3 Responses to “Toys and Other Things I Don’t Need, But Like”
  1. Retired Syd says:

    Panini maker: like you-it was a gift, a bulky, hard to clean gift. There are easier ways to make a sandwich. But oh, these are SO good!

  2. Middle Way says:

    I would put my noise cancelling headphones(Bose)on this list. They are awesome for long flights and I would buy another pair should it ever need replacing.

  3. Ramona says:

    My miata! It’s just a means of getting around, but oh, the joy of it.

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