Getting Happier When The World Sucks

I recently starting feeling a bit better about things lately.  Before all the bad news of the economy was weighing me down a bit.  You can only read about so many job layoffs and gloomy forecasts before it starts to affect you.  In my case I was feeling a bit down, finding it hard to concentrate on tasks and I was procrastinating badly on things I should be doing.

So how did I snap out of it?  Well here’s my list of what worked for me to be happier:

  1. Stop Reading the News.  I didn’t go cold turkey on the news, but I seriously cut back on my consumption of the major headlines.  Constantly reading bad news isn’t good for some people, so if you are feeling down stop reading the bad news and check out some other lighter material for a while.  In my case I started reading some humor novels.
  2. Pick an Easy Task.  My procrastination partly was a function of having so much to do I wasn’t even sure where to start.  So I picked something easy like cleaning up some files and shredding some old documents.  Then once I felt like I had did something it has been easier to get back to working on my to do list.
  3. Focus on the Good.  I’ve started to remind myself about the good things I’ve got going for me.  I’ve got wonderful wife and two great kids.  I’ve got a job I actually like most of the time and lots of time off.  I’ve got some savings for a rainy day and I’ve got years to recover my portfolio losses.  Things are going to be fine in the long run.
  4. Treat Yourself.  During the winter I really don’t drink much beer, but now with some nice weather I pick up some beer last night.  Mmm, that was so good.  Now I just have to get the patio furniture out and enjoy the outdoors a bit more.

So what makes you happier when you are feeling down?  Please share your ideas with a comment.

3 thoughts on “Getting Happier When The World Sucks”

  1. Glad you shook the funk..
    Doing yoga, hopping on my bike or going for a walk in the woods always lifts my spirits when I’m in a grump.. it’s good to get one’s body moving..
    It’s also nice to open up the windows and get some fresh air..

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I, myself, have been down lately. We really need to count our blessings!

    I’ve focused on more me time and scale back the percentage of work to life by a bit and I am happier.


  3. Jo,

    Good ideas. Thanks for sharing.


    Another good idea. Sometimes we forget to look after ourselves.


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