The Shortest Raise Ever?

Well I was rather pleased earlier this month at work.  I got an email informing me that they were giving an across the board raise of 4%, which would take affect on Jan 1, 2009.  Needless to say I was a bit shocked by that because I did the math and checked.  I had been working there for a whole 18 working days before getting a raise or about 140 hours.  This is a personal record for me for the shortest time period before a raise ever.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed about my job is how happy I am with it.  For example I’m smiling most of the time for no good reason. My wife has even commented on it.  So what gives?  I really like my job.  It’s interesting and aligned with my personal goals and they pay me well and give me insane amounts of time off.  Perhaps the better question is: how could I not be happy with this job?

So how about you?  What was your shortest raise ever or what was your happiest job ever?  Please share.

7 thoughts on “The Shortest Raise Ever?”

  1. I liked working at a small mutual fund company when we were at the peak of growing. We had a fun team and a fun manager and every day at work was like hanging out with friends (including long lunches with the boss and organized team nights out – St. Patrick’s day we all got to leave early to go to the bar, stuff like that). The money was the best I had ever made in my life (I basically doubled my pay from my last job). That all came to a grinding halt a year later once upper management decided that fun was not an option at work, my boss went slightly insane and was hence demoted, and we got a new, crack the whip manager who managed to get staff to do a 90% turnover in one year.

  2. We’ve received a similar e-mail at the beginning of this week. The max amount for our merit is 2%. Well, it depends how good you are and what you did last year.

    Other than that, we get a 50% match to whatever I’ve contributed last year (until Dec 31st).

  3. The shortest raise I have ever gotten was my first day of work. It turns out that in the time between when they sent me my confirmation letter and my first day everyone had gotten a raise, so they gave me one too. I’ll take an extra $5000 any day.

  4. About a decade ago I was five months into my first post-college (ie professional) job when I was told I was getting a $13,000 bonus.  That was a HUGE percentage of my salary, and big bucks in a period when we paid $400 for rent and had no cellphones, high speed internet etc etc.  I think a lot of it was lost to dot com shares though!

  5. Wow, ok this has happened to more than just me. I feel better. Matt’s so far is taking the cake, he wasn’t even working yet and got a raise!


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