Book Review: New Rules of Retirement

Well Canadian Capitalist and I must have similar posting schedules.  He just posted his book review of this book yesterday with a contest as well.

Well it is rare to find a retirement book that gets me excited at all.  After all when you have read dozens of them it starts to all blur together.  Yet New Rules of Retirement by Warren MacKenzie and Ken Hawkins did manage to get me a little excited when in their introduction they stated:

Retirement is both a process and a life stage.  In preparing for retirement, it is not enough to know how much money you will need, where you are going to live, or how you are going to spend your time.  It is also necessary to understand that your attitudes, concerns, and emotions, as well as your financial needs, will change as you age.

I nearly dropped the book in excitement.  Was this book at last going to be the one that strings everything I would love to see in a retirement book?  No it wasn’t THAT good, but you know it is a damn close second.  The book is just packed with interesting facts and statistics how how people live their retirement and factors people should consider when planning their retirement that don’t all involve money.  They also spend a bit of time discussing how retirement has changed and evolved over the last twenty years so.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the book is the fact that during their discuss at the end of the book on either DIY investing versus getting help from an adviser (they do point out most people are actually using salesmen which causes a conflict of interest and typically high fees).  It was a very well balanced discussion that points out in the end this is nothing wrong with either way.  It’s a matter of choice.

Overall I did really like this book as it deals with how your retirement changes as you get older and how to prepare yourself for that a bit which is rare to see in a retirement book.

Now to the really good news, the authors kindly included a copy for me to give away.  So to enter to win a copy of this book please leave a comment to this post with a vaild email address.  As per usual one entry per person and only open to residents of Canada.  This contest will close on Jan. 26, 2009 at 8 pm CST.

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  1. Sounds excellent! We’re always being bombarded with the message from financial planners that unless we save hundreds of thousands of dollars, we’re going to be in serious trouble. I hope more advice and information comes out to counter that! Everyone thinks they’ll travel the world and take up expensive exotic hobbies when they retire but that’s just not the reality I’m seeing around. Something tells me it’s going to take less to finance those “golden years” than I’d thought!

  2. Hi there, first time emailer, long time reader of your site. Love all the great information you provide, and enjoy the ‘green’ slant to your site now. Please enter my name for the book giveaway, I need help in my retirement planning. Thanks!

  3. Thanks. Sounds like a great book. I am interested in reading the book. Please enter my name in the draw please.

  4. I’ll still leave a comment although I’m going to have to break down and BUY this book. I’ve been on the waiting list at the library for too long now.

  5. It sounds real and fresh – not the same ol’ same ol’. I’ll definitely thumb through it at the bookstore to see if it’s worth a pruchase unless I get a free one.

    Have you read “Stumbling Upon Happiness”? It’s a pop-sci treatment of what makes people happy and why they don’t end up as happy as they think. Your block quote is saying some of the same things, which gets me excited.

  6. Count me in, it sounds like i have to read this book one way or another . . . free would be best for me 🙂

  7. I’ve often been a bit confused by the notion that retirement is all and only about money. As they say, money can’t buy happiness. Sounds like a good read; wouldn’t mind having a copy 🙂

  8. Look forward to checking it out. Another good book I read regarding retirement is called “Smoke and Mirrors”.

  9. I spotted the book at the local bookstore, and was similarly excited. Count me in for the contest – it’ll save me the cost of buying it for myself! 🙂

  10. I’m about 23 years away from retirement so I’m sure my attitude towards it will change a few times until then.
    Please include me in your draw 🙂

  11. Thanks for having a draw. I checked and it’s not at my local library but there’s another book by the same author on investment strategies that I’ve put on hold. If I don’t win the draw, at least I’ve found a good book to read!

  12. Count me in! I’ve only got 15 years to go………….so I need to be ready!

    Keep up the great blogging.

  13. But my name in the hat, but with these two positive reviews if I don’t win I’ll probably ask for a copy for my birthday.

  14. I am just 49 but i spend a lot of time thinking about my semi-retirement in 11 years. I am always on the outlook for a new take on retirement planning, challenges and visions.

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