Wander Reading #8

It’s been awhile, but here is what I like reading lately from my backlog in my Google Reader account.

First off, get over to the Canadian Capitalist who is celebrating 1000th post with a contest. Congratulations!  (Speaking of contests also remember to enter my 500th post contest if you already haven’t.  The odds are currently 1 in 7 of winning $50 of books of your choice.)

Well if you want to know what it feels like to retire in a down market.  Read this post from Retired Syd.

Million Dollar Journey points out a great article from Warren Buffett.

Mr. Cheap sums up how different people feel about the market drop.

The Moneygardener is out there buying up a storm.  Check out his blog for the running list of buy posts.

The Simple Dollar has a great post about letting things slip through the cracks.  I can completely relate to this post as I’m heading into my fourth weekend this month where we either had company or were away from home visiting people and I’m staring at a pile of filing and cleaning to do.

Enjoy reading!

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