Free, Free, Give Me Free Stuff

I’m rather amazed some days the amount of free produce I get each summer. Honestly it is rather ridiculous that everyone around me keeps sending me free food, except for the fact I made it this way. You see I know several people with large gardens or fruit trees or bushes on their property. I have also realized most people don’t like to waste food.

So I did the obvious thing to me. Anytime over the last few years anyone mentioned food going to waste I always said “Oh, why didn’t you give it to me? I’ll always take free food.” Now it seems to pour in each year. I’ve already got one huge head of lettuce, fresh dill, a friend already made me promise I’m going to help him pick his apple tree this fall and use them. I’ve also go my name down for a share of some free potatoes and carrots later this summer. I just recently found another free source of Saskatoon berry bushes that need some picking.

All because I’m not shy about asking for free food. Also as we work out what grow in our garden I do intend to pass some free food back to these people in terms of thanks. I don’t feel about about taking food from people when they honestly rather see me use it then it go to waste. So start you own campaign for free food this year, you might be surprised on how far it can go.

4 thoughts on “Free, Free, Give Me Free Stuff”

  1. A good way to use that free food is to can it. Canned tomatoes, pickles, peaches and pears are great. Applesauce is always popular with the kids. You can even can premade soups and chili. It’s daunting to learn, I grant, but the results are well worth it.

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