Wander Reading #7: Shameless

Sorry folks no Green Spot post today.  Instead I turned the blog colour to green.  So stop by and let me know what you think of the new look or any issues like slow to load or funny text.

Now moving along to some shameless self serving linkage. Over at Alpha Consumer I’m a finalist in the cheap date contest, so if you are looking for a few good ideas on a cheap night night go read. Also if you want to help me win a book you could vote for me as well.

Now onto the rest of the links:

Million Dollar Journey has two great posts about if we are at peak oil or just in an oil bubble.

Quest for Four Pillars had two interesting posts this week on coupons and powdered milk.

Harvesting Dollars had an interested post on manual washing/drying of laundry (which I didn’t know you could even buy).

Sydney over at Retirement: A Full Time Job wonders isn’t blogging writing?

Larry MacDonald may have found Rob Carrick’s portfolio online?

Early Retirement Extreme takes it to the next level with a post about living in a garbage truck.

The Simple Dollar has a good post with ideas on how to hedge against inflation.

Please keep in mind folks I’m on vacation after today, so this blog will be on auto-publish mode for a while. I won’t be checking comments or email for two weeks.

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