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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Warning Changes in Progress

Posted by Tim Stobbs on June 27, 2008

This is just a short note that I will be trying a few changes on this blog over the weekend.  Links may not work and other funny things may happen while on the site.  Sorry for any trouble this causes.  Hopefully I’ll have the changes made by Monday.


3 Responses to “Warning Changes in Progress”
  1. All links seem to be working, even external links coming in. I just tested your recent articles along with the link from MDJ to here.

  2. Four Pillars says:

    What changes did you make?


  3. Canadian Dream says:


    Permalink structure was altered. I cleaned up a few plugins that I wasn’t using anymore and a few minor things here and there. Almost all of it had nothing to do with layout.

    FT was helping me switch structures to something a little more SEO friendly.


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