I Lied to the Government and They Are OK with it?!?!

Alright, this is a funny story.  While applying for my parental leave benefits I realized I made a mistake.  I only wrote down my current employer and forgot to write down my previous employer who was bought by my current one.  In my mind I’m still at the same job, but I technically require two records of employment (ROE) for my claim.  So not really meaning to I lied to the government.

Have you ever tried to get a ROE from a no longer existing company?  What a pain in the ass that is!  I mean the government is easier to deal with!  I tried for two weeks to just confirm if they could issue one when my current company’s ROE came in the mail.  So I took the ROE down to the local Service Canada Office and prepared to explain my problem.

I sat down with a clerk and explained what happened.  She stopped me before I reached for any of the paperwork and asked “So how long are you taking off?”

I replied “Six weeks.”

She asked “Can I see the ROE you have?”  I had it over and she looks at it.  Then she says “You know your other ROE isn’t going to change anything.  You still are going to get your maximum benefits for your time off.  So here is what we are going to do.  I’ll write a note in your file explaining you can’t get the other ROE and then your claim should be just fine.”

“That’s it?” I asked.

“Yes, your current employers ROE was submitted electronically so everything in the file looks fine.  Now is there anything else I can help you with today?”

“No.  Thank you very much.”  I said with a stupid grin on my face leaving.

I had been worrying about this for weeks and the government just told me not to sweat it.  Well what do you know, the government can be an understanding being at times.  Perhaps I need to worry less about this stuff and just relax more.

Any one else have a story about a really helpful government employee?  Please share!

4 thoughts on “I Lied to the Government and They Are OK with it?!?!”

  1. A few years back, I owed back taxes to the CRA and Revenu Québec.

    The people I spoke to at CRA were very nice and understanding. We agreed on a repayment schedule which included a gradual increase in payments, something the people at Revenu Québec refused to do.

  2. A couple of years ago I got reviewed by CRA. I was abroad at that time and the CRA agent agreed to correspond with me via email, due to the different time zones, accepted all the scanned docs in the email and replied back promptly whether it’s OK, or there are additional questions.

  3. Wow, nice to know there are several helpful people out there in the civil service. Thanks for sharing.


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