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Friday, March 31, 2017


Posted by Tim Stobbs on May 5, 2008

Well if everything is going to plan I should be meeting my new baby as this post gets published.  Gotta love technology!

As such I will not be posting for a day or two while we get to know our latest addition to the family.  I’ll post a short post later this week with the vital info (ie: boy or girl).


7 Responses to “Incoming”
  1. guinness416 says:

    Congratulations, Tim! Another wee Canadian!

    (About 18 years from now your kid will be meeting Four Pillars’, Brip Blap’s and The Simple Dollar’s in group therapy to go through all their blog introductions to the world).

  2. My friend told me I’de never be wealthy or retire early because I had a kid (and another since he made that comment). I think I’m way more rich with my kids and I think you are too.


  3. Better reserve the domain name: for him or her! :)


  4. Four Pillars says:

    Congrats Tim – “incoming” is the exact best word!

    Guinness – lol

  5. Sarlock says:

    Good luck, CD!

    For a blog, how about:
    “Canadian Dream: Never had to work because I took my RESP money and turned it in to $10 million by the time I was 18″

  6. Canadian Dream says:

    Thanks everyone. It’s a another little boy. Extremely cute and very healthy.

    I’m VERY tired right now. So this comment is the closest thing you will see for a post until later.


  7. Wooly Woman says:

    Yay a baby boy! Congratulations!

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