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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Strange Thoughts

Posted by Tim Stobbs on April 30, 2008

Perhaps in practice for being sleep deprived soon I’ve been having the occasional odd thought running through my brain.  Rather than keep them all to myself I thought I would share some of them.

  • Why do we plan our spending for 40 years in retirement when in our working lives we don’t do it for even five years?  For example in retirement I know the exact amount I will be spending each year and I even plan my major purchases, but now I don’t know what I’m going to buy in 6 months.  Perhaps it’s just me or are we all doing this the wrong way.  Should you just pick a retirement income and then just try to live with it?  After all I adjust to changes now, why can’t I do it in retirement?
  • Baby smell is fake.  You know the wonderful scent from baby products, well it is completely artificial.  Babies without those products don’t smell nice like that.  So if a baby doesn’t use those products will they be loved any less?  No, of course not, so why do we spend so much money on our personal grooming products? Is just being clean enough to find social acceptance?
  • Why do governments waste our money creating new tax credits that cost more to us collectively than we get back in savings?  For example, the bus pass tax credit.  Really I did the math that is hardly going to turn anyone into a mass transit user.  It would have been more effective to double the tax on gas and then give the cities the money to upgrade their transit systems.
  • Why do people defend the way things are?  I mean really folks just because you’ve always been wrong about doing something doesn’t make it right.  I’ve see some poorly thought out processes where I take one look and think I can save you half the work (Yes, I’m a hell raiser to have as an employee and no I don’t think I’m always right.  I just can bullshit well when I’m not right.)
  • I’m sure my wife reads this blog just to keep up to date on our finances some days.  I know I’ve written a post now and again where she mentions afterwards that she didn’t know that.  Perhaps I need to start a discussion board for spouses of PF bloggers.  They can act as a support group for each as they think: who is this Smith and why is he so interested in our mortgage? Is it really useful to know your net worth down to the last dollar on a monthly basis? Have you ever wanted to tell your spouse you went and bought a car without their knowledge just to see the look on their face?

Feel free to add your own strange thought in a comment.


4 Responses to “Strange Thoughts”
  1. I agree that the perfumed baby smell is fake, but babies definitely do have their own distinctive smell which I think is just gorgeous!

  2. these are all interesting thoughts. I have pondered some of them as well. I would not even want to see my wife’s face in the last scenario though…

  3. Tim's Wife says:

    No Tim, I read your blog to know and to try to understand all the financial stuff that’s going through your head.

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