The Costs of the Second Kid

Well Mike over at Quest for Four Pillars is also expected their second child just the same as me so I thought I would share a few of our ideas on saving money when the second little one is on their way.  The follow is a list of ideas in no particular order.

  1. Remember all that crap you bought and almost never used last time. Good. Now don’t buy it again.
  2. If your spouse is a pack rat, now is the time and go tell them they are wander and assess what you can use out of all those boxes of old clothes regardless of the baby’s sex. Let’s face it basic brown pants can look good with a blue top or a bright yellow one.
  3. Tell everyone you know that you are having your baby and make it know you are accepting items. Even if people don’t want to give it to you out right, most people would be ok if you borrowed it for a while.
  4. Regardless if you are having a baby girl or boy, don’t feel compelled to dress them all in pink or blue. Let’s face most can’t tell by looking at a baby what sex they are and most of the time they will just ask. If you feel compelled to make your baby’s sex obvious, remember accessories are a girl’s best friend (hair bans, shoes…you get the idea).
  5. Even if your baby is the same sex as your first there is no guarantee that they will be the same size in the same season. So be prepared to buy/get gifts/find used clothes to fill in the gaps that arise.
  6. Recycle as many items as you can from the first baby.  The crib, the change mat, bedding and those handy receiving blankets (otherwise know are barf towels).

If you have any other ideas please share for all those blogger parents to be (I have literally lost track of the number of PF blogger having kids right now).

3 thoughts on “The Costs of the Second Kid”

  1. CD – thanks a lot for the link.

    We’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare for the second kid – as you know they really don’t need much for the first little while.

    Actually we did buy a baby carrier and once the new baby is here I’m going to think about a used double stroller. Not sure what style or anything on the stroller. When my daughter is born, my son will be 20 months old so I need a stroller that can accomodate those ages.


  2. Any recommendations on the crap you didn’t use the first time round? It is a bit daunting to go into some of the consignment stores and wonder what is good and what is crap. There’s just so much stuff! There are the obvious items, blankets, clothes, diapers etc., which I understand, but there are a lot of things I don’t even know what they are for (and I have taken care of lots of babies before!).

  3. Wooly,

    My suggestion would be to skip most of the other crap and stick to a nursing pillow (if you are breast feeding). Don’t waste money on the cradle, the out grow it too fast. Our kid hated the swing and we were told to avoid jumpers. In general, just stick with the basics for now. You might get other things as gifts which allows you to try stuff out without paying for it.


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