The Crossroads

After considerable internal debate I want to run an idea past you all.  You see I’ve been posting five days a week for over a year now and I’ve come to an important conclusion: my writing sucks.  There isn’t any reason to sugar coat this, it really does suck some days.  This issue is my first draft of anything tends to suck due to the fact I think about ten times faster than I can type.  The advantage I have is I know this and if I can put away the writing for a while and come back to it I can usually improve it to an acceptable standard.  So most of the writing in my professional life tends to be fairly good, yet in an attempt to keep up the five posts a week schedule I often posted stuff before it was really ready to be published on this blog.

I’ve made a few attempts to get ahead on my writing for this blog by a week or more, but something always seems to come up and consume the extra drafts. So in the end I accept that method doesn’t work for me and since I just can’t seem to write short posts I find myself at a crossroads.  So I can either:

  1.  Keep up the current schedule and we accept the writing at its current level or
  2.  I can forget about the schedule and focus on producing better quality of posts and accept the five days a week schedule might go out the window.  This would also mean posts would be published at different times in a day (morning, noon or at night depending on when I finish editing a post).

This debate has come up now and again before on this blog in various comments and posts and I feel it is time to put this out for open comment.  So what would you rather see: option number 1 or 2? Feel free to be brutally honest.

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  1. I’ve no issues with your writing or posts, but if you’re unhappy with the quality or feel chained to the blog then maybe you should change things. I read several blogs on different subjects which post erratically, but given that most blog people at this point use readers it makes no difference. We’ll see stuff if and when it’s posted.

  2. agreed. i’m running into a similar problem. i think that quality > quantity. but of course doing so you’ll sacrifice some readers as i’ve noticed recently.

    Go with your heart!

  3. I’m not sure if I buy the whole “less posts equals higher quality” concept. I like ideas, so I’d rather get more of them (even if it means the odd your in the place of you’re). So my vote is for 1.

    Bring another blogger on board (or merge with another blog) if you want the best of both worlds (5 posts a week and a less demanding schedule) :-).

  4. I haven’t noticed a lack of quality in the posts, but it’s your blog and you should post when you fell there is information that needs to be shared. Google reader tells me whennew posts are around, so I just let it run all day.

  5. The quality of your posts has always seemed fine. Though my vote would go for choice 2. Post when you’re satisfied and don’t worry about the schedule. I follow your blog via your feed so I won’t miss out when you do post.

  6. Maybe a sabatical might help. Post when you want for a while, you might suddenly find your voice again, or you might find you want to write about other things too.

    I hit the wall after about a year and a half, but I like writing every day (and I know my writing sucks) but it helps to just keep writing.


  7. IMO, Quality of blog = content of posts and ability to communicate that content. On that basis, your quality level is quite high.

    Not concerned with how polished your writing is, I personally am more interested in your ideas which you have no trouble getting across. If you want to post less for your own reasons, go ahead but I don’t think you should do so based on “writing quality”.

    I would much rather read a blog with great ideas and mediocre writing than mediocre ideas with great writing.

    – A fellow Saskatchewaner

  8. I agree with anjo…

    I come here to read your ideas. To me, I’m happy to sift through a lot of copy and take from it whatever I want. Your ideas are conveyed, so believe me, you’re not nearly as bad a writer as you presume.

    I get the impression that you want to cut back, though, and if that’s the case, go ahead. I mean, it’s your blog.

    The key is to figure out a scenario that you enjoy most. Your readership will find you after that, but you can’t be all things to all people.

  9. Tim, as mentioned people usually read the articles when it pops up on a feedreader. I wouldn’t worry too much about posting every day of the week, post when you have something to say.

  10. Say what you mean, mean what you say

    #2 is my vote. You, as the owner of the posts, should be happy with what you say, before anything else.

    Plus, #2 cuts down our RSS feeds to read 😛

  11. Your writing doesn’t suck at all.

    I vote for number #2 mainly because I don’t think you need to post five times a week. You already have a readership, nobody is going to “leave” if you don’t post everyday.

    My reasons for voting this is because I want you to keep blogging and if posting two or three times a week ensures your blog’s survival by making it more enjoyable for you, then go for it!

    As Mr. Cheap said – I don’t think your posts will necessarily be any better but you will enjoy the blog a lot more.


  12. Everyone,

    Thanks for all the ideas on the situation. I realize I’m likely my own worst critic when it comes to my writing, but my opinion still counts.

    I also checked out the stats on the blog. The majority of its readers are on a feed reader so my posting frequency appears to not be that important.

    C8j – It’s good to know something similar also happened to you. I like your idea of trying #2 as a little sabbatical.

    I’ve also taken to keeping a notebook at work to write down blog post ideas. This is helping a lot with writer’s block.

    In the end what sparked this was the realization that with two kids my free time is going to be a lot less, so I’m not sure I can keep up the current frequency. I might, but I’m not sure. So as of now I’m going to release myself from my frequency. I might still hit five post in most weeks, but I’m not going to let myself be tied to it.


  13. I don’t see any issues with the quality of your writing, but I think that quality usually wins over quantity.

    I’m keeping up with your blog (love it!) via the FeedBurner e-mail (love it too!), so the frequency and schedule of your postings is pretty irrelevant for me.

  14. Blogging is a different type of writing than professional writing. Your posts are fine; you are not writing a thesis or technical proposal. I would not overly focus on your writing style.

    I use google analytics and hits on site peak on Tuesday (when everyone has cleared up their mailbox from Monday) and fall by Friday (when people are on two hour lunches or 3 coffee breaks!). Even if you keep a 5 post a week pace, readers tend to come and go as they please depending on their own life-style.

    I would vote for #2; if blogging is beginning to be another chore for you some days then take a few days off. Its your blog, we don’t pay anything to read your posts so do what fits in your life the best.

  15. I haven’t read any of the other comments yet, but I like your style of writing. It’s refreshing. Too many other blog writers think they should “write better”, but part of the appeal is hearing someone’s voice without the personality stripped out.

  16. I’ll second many of the other comments and say your writing is fine – don’t sweat it! On the other hand I’ll disagree that just because many of your readers are RSS readers posting frequency doesn’t matter. It matters to you! Human nature being what it is, if you take yourself off a regular schedule things will slip, ESPECIALLY with two kids. I have one and one on the way, and posting daily is a way for me to keep schedule. If I posted when I felt like it, my posting might eventually drop to once a month (although I like writing well enough I doubt that).

    My point is just that you should set a schedule, even if it’s 3 times a week, or 10 times a month. Don’t “post when you feel like it.” It’s bad discipline. Stick to a schedule.

  17. Pam,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m actually trying to edit better more than anything. I’m happy with my style, it’s the editing that needs work. I find it highly ironic that I’m good editing other people’s work, but not so good at my own.

    Brip Blap,

    My problem with the schedule is the deadline in the morning to get something out by 7 am local time. I find that results in too much rushing at the end and that is where the editing falls apart. So if I can just get back to it at lunch some days and then publish a post, I feel my editing will improve the writing a fair bit. Beyond that I do have a writing schedule which works out great (at least 1 hour every morning).


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