Maintaining Your Assets

I think every is aware that it is a good idea to do a little maintenance on your assets to ensure their value doesn’t drop prematurely. We do oil changes on our vehicles to keep them running longer and we do paint jobs on our houses to keep them looking nice. Yet when it comes to potentially two of the most expensive things we generally ignore our spouse and our health.

Let’s face it the fastest way to nose dive your net worth is to get a divorce, yet a marriage seems to be the last thing to get some maintenance. A good marriage is actually fairly easy to maintain it just requires two things: communication and time together.

After kids, careers and hobbies it can be a challenge some weeks to find some time to spend together, but I highly recommend it. You basically should try for two types of time together once daily you should make sure you talk a bit and the other type of time is a date night. The daily chat in my house is often done over coffee after supper or right before bed. It provides a good way to ensure your communicating to each other about everything from the big items (ie: baby #2) to the small things (ie: I didn’t do the dishes yesterday. Sorry.). Then there is date night. I’ll admit we don’t do this as much as we should some times, but I feel it is essential once you have kids (and before) to make some time for yourselves as a couple. Now a date can be just about anything at any time. Heck a movie after the kid is asleep works if that is all you can manage. The point is you need time together to remember how important you are to each other and feel that slight awe again of ‘I’m so lucky to have you in my life’.

Your next major asset, your health is a tricky one. After all it is similar to saving for your retirement in regards you need to be able to see the long term in order to have it working alright when your old. The cost savings here can be huge. Just because Canada has ‘free’ health care doesn’t mean you get to ignore your health. After all you lose so much of your quality of life to poor health from mobility to your eye sight. Yet like retirement, health favours those who plan early. So if you eat a good diet now, get some exercise (this doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym, running after a toddler and picking them up/down counts too) and get a good night sleep each night you will be well on your way to a good life now and in your retirement years.

So do take care of yourself and your spouse.  You will be thankful you did when you turn 65.

3 thoughts on “Maintaining Your Assets”

  1. Great advice CD!

    Just last night my husband and I had one of those ‘I’m so lucky to have you in my life’ reminders. We were cleaning out the office (including the filing cabinet) and found a number of old greeting cards that we had given each other over the past 8 years. We had a good laugh and realized how much fun the card itself used to be (as big Simpsons and South Park fans, we spent a lot time drawing cartoon characters, etc. or making cards for one another).

    Sometimes when life gets hectic, you need to be reminded that being a couple is actually a lot of fun. 🙂

  2. Canada may have “free” health care but it’s being eroded by provincial governments choosing not to cover everything and waitlists — and threatening to change the whole system for profit. And if you need ‘alternative’ care when orthodox does not work, it can be very expensive. And many tests and treatments offered in the U.S. and Europe are not available and would be very expensive to get — a surprise I hadn’t expected in retirement.

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