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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tagged – Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Posted by Tim Stobbs on January 15, 2007

Like any good virus I got hit the other day with one working it’s way through the blog sphere. I have been Tagged by Million Dollar Journey.

Unlike other nasty viruses this is a bit fun. I’ve got to post five things you didn’t know about me and then pass it along to others.

So here we go.

1) Beyond writing as a creative outlet I also paint. Mostly landscapes and more modern pieces.

2) I can’t sleep in during the weekend. My all time record in the last few years was 8:30 am.

3) I still read more than I write, even with this blog. My personal library is current around 70 feet of books when you add up all the shelf space.

4) Beyond blogging my other favorite genre of writing is fantasy.

5) I can drink coffee right before bed with no effect on my sleep.

So now I get to pass this along. I’m tagging Canadian Money Blog Reviewer and Getting Rich Together.


2 Responses to “Tagged – Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me”
  1. The Canadian Money Blogs Reviewer says:

    impressive library :-)

    I accept the tag … I’ll get at it tonight :-)

  2. Canadian Dream says:


    Sorry, I guessed wrong the library is closer to 60 feet of books. Still a bit of a collection.

    I look forward to your post.


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